We know that everyone is creative

and we know that sometimes we just need help to get started and then we are off and running.

Here at Waiohiki Creative we support each other by appreciating each others art, by encouraging and listening, by critiquing and sharing  and most of all keeping our art making fun and interesting and we want to invite you to be part of our creative community too.

We are going to create some simple “make it, love it, share it” challenges to help you kick start and explore your creativity.

Ways to share images of your work:

Tag your posts 

Post your images on our make it, love it, share itfacebook page.

Tag us in your posts 
Facebook: @Make-it-Love-it-Share-it
Or @waiohikiartsvillage 
Or @waiohikicreative
Or  email your images to us for our website gallery: ally@wcct.org.nzhelp 

The first challenge is our 30 day mid-winter drawing challenge.

We invite you to make a drawing, each day for 30 days, we are doing it too. Along the way we will share hints, tips, inspiration Please share your progress with us.

It doesent matter what you draw or how long you spend, all that matters is that you make one drawing every day, Those who complete 30 days of drawing will go into the draw to win a cool little art pack

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