October 2020


Taradale Pottery Club

Woofired Kiln

Loading begins
Hooly Thin

The magnificent wood kiln will be loaded with ceramic works over 5 days, once it’s loaded the fire will be lit an kept burning 24/7 for 3 days an nights.

The kiln will then cool over 4-5 days and opened on the 26th of October and all the artworks will be revealed.


From 6.00pm

Fire and Clay Night


Live entertainment

Pit firing of ceramics

Raku firing of ceramics

Stone carving -Chris Elliot

Erfewerks -Henery Mackeson

Wood turning – John Nelson

Erfewerks adobe stone wall workshop



Taradale Pottery Club

Woodfired Kiln Opening

Taradale Pottery Group

After all that work, the days of loading, keeping the fire burning 24/7 and the cooling down, now is the time to watch the kiln be unloaded piece by piece and marvel at the beautiful artworks that emerge.

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