Pagan is a resident artist at Waiohiki Arts Village since early 2013



Pagan Moon

I am originally from Auckland and lived in the Kaipara for almost 10 yrs. I have been creative in some form or another for all of my life.  I remember as a child getting in trouble for ruining my church clothes, after playing in the reserve at the back of our house, making clay figures and pots.I work in paint, mixed media and sculpture. All works are available for sale, unless already sold.

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Pams april 2014 049HISTORY

Pagan Moon has explored a diversity of arts and crafts over the course of her life.  After being unsupported by her parents into an arts education because she was a girl, she resigned herself to exploring her creativity as a hobby. In 2010, she decided to risk pursuing her love of art and craft, leaving her career as an educarer, embracing the opportunity to enroll in the EIT  L3 introductory Art and Design course. The full time engagement with art that this provided, gave her the confidence to realise her dream to be a creative practitioner.  In March 2013 Pagan became a resident studio artist at the Waiohiki Community Arts Village.  Pagan currently has several paintings in private collections, both locally and nationally.Pagan is a Wiccan, a devotee of the earth religion known as Wicca. She feels it is important that her art activity has a limited impact on the environment and is derived from the use of natural and recyclable materials, which she sees as a gift of unwanted treasures. She is constantly amazed as an artist, how much material can be sourced, at very little cost, once people understand her creative motivations.Pams april 2014 050