Corrine Barrons

Corrine Barrons

Creative Clay Works

by Corrine Barrons


I would like to introduce you to our range of ceramic,handcrafted gift ware which will sell well -they are small items, display well and will turnover quickly. Some are functional and some purely decorative

Beautifully Crafted Hearts packaged in a classic black box.

Handcrafted,coloured hearts with unique glazing giving each piece an individual look. There’s no two hearts the same. Each heart is presented in a classic black box which can be used to display the pieces. The hearts are available in two sizes (7cmx 7cm and 12cmx10cm), have a hole at the back enabling easy hanging and a range of colours in shiny glaze.The glazing is what makes these pieces unque-the finish is a mixed glaze with complimentary colourings which looks great on the wall.

Stoneware Dipping bowls

I have a range of handcrafted stoneware dipping bowls using traditional glazes from the seventies and eighties. These are appealing gift ware which will sell well-they are functional,display well and are able to be used with food.

Quirky Dragons

These little characters are ones to love ! People always comment on them when they see them and love their expressions. They are 10-15cm high and come in a variety of pose-from holding a wine bottle to playing the guitar,sniffing flowers,reading a book,going shopping,catching stars…your clients will love them. These are glazed in turquoise matt glaze,green glaze and others, with the features highlighted by contrasting colour.

Brogue Spinning Spirals

These are unique,spinning spirals which are hung outside. They spin in the wind and look spectacular-these are an original design which you will not see anywhere else. They are glazed in a turquoise colour on a buff clay. The sizes range from 15-20 cm and are presented with a metal attachment and line to hang.

About the artist…

I am a new resident to New Zealand, arrived here in April 2013 and I’m loving my new home. I am in residence at Waiohiki Arts Village and working with John Gisborne of ‘Pottery in motion’. I believe that the work that I am creating is of high standard and very creative- my goal is for my work to be available around New Zealand . I am a very unique person and this shows in the pieces that I create. My goal is to offer a range of creative and quirky art which people love.