Chris Elliott is a self-taught, eclectic artist working in a variety of media and styles. He has been a self-employed, full-time artist for almost twenty years and, among other things, has won commissions to create a number of public sculptures in bronze, most notably, Sir Peter Snell – the first runner to break the four-minute-mile in New Zealand, and the second in the world; John Ballance  – first democratically elected Prime Minister of New Zealand – both for Whanganui City council. Other statues include Mrs Chippy, the cat that went to the Antarctic with the Shackleton expedition who belonged to Harry McNeish, Master Shipwright and ship’s carpenter with the expedition; “Now, Grandad?” sculpture for Upper Hutt RSA for their then new Area of Remembrance; and Gottfried Lindauer, portrait artist who painted portraits of many of the East Coast Maori chiefs in the late 1800’s, which was a collaboration with another artist.


More well-known for his jade work, he is now moving away from that to explore other genres in the endless domains of the creative arts.


You can find him on Flickr; just search “Chris Elliott, artist/sculptor” in “people.” Or Google search the same phrase and look under “Images.”